Saturday, January 17, 2009

The attitude of Jews

 In this topic, we also have to consider the attitude of the jews.

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Jews For Justice For Palastinians.

The Isreali Organisation, which is the most active group in this is,


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The great palastini musician Marcel Khalife had made a famous poem,  "ummi", by Mahamood Darwish. 

Watch it..... (click here..).

Who re-acts..?

People of Mombasa, Kenya protesting against the attack(left) and in Lucknow, India(bottom).

The Anti-American concept

Do We Have to Spare America......????????

The thing is that...... There's no one to say....

"If you put one more bomb..... YOU'lll be NO MORE to Make the bomb......!!!!!!"

There arises the development of COMMUNISM.

Try.. this, video....

"Indian anti-american video".

Palastien the real picture

The devastated homes..

The palastienien-isreal border...---->

No one knows What Happened..  No  one is aware what is happening..

But.. Every one knows.. Nothing more to happen.....


Still Do We Have to Be Silent..????

GAZA : War 3 - The American truculence

                                 The US government supplied Isreal attacks on Palastine has been a truculence drama over years. But none in this capitalist world is reacting as they are afraid of America. Rather than this, U.S Defense is actually testing their weapons using isreal. Or, is it that the 'maddistic' approach that they has been showing for centuries..?? OR.,.is that the show off of their real antique culture...??

A palastinien boy who is victim of nuclear attack in a hospital.